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Hello friends and true dance lovers, It's a great pleasure to take you to the world of Ballroom and Latin American Dance. Most of the people have a very little idea about this dance form in our country. From here you'll get a very clear idea - What is 'Ballroom' and What is 'Latin American' dance. You must enjoy dancing to learn it properly and win the hearts of mankinds burning the dance floor. Dancing is very helpful to make an elegant, energetic and healthy physique. After the day, full of busy and hectic schedule if you go to a dance class, listen some music and move your body with this, you can revive your energy and also it'll give you mental pleasure which may be the fuel of your next day's schedule. Now a days dancing is the another way to spend the pastime going to dance floor with partner.

It may be more enjoyable if there is proper dancing. Not only that, there are so many programmes, competitions on stage and T.V. channels where you can expose your talent in this dance form which was a very rare thing before. So come, join a dance class right now. LEARN ! Be a good DANCER ! Make yourselves EXCEPTIONAL !! Where ever you learn FIND A GOOD TEACHER who can guide you the right way.

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Suman Mukherjee fell in love with dancing from his childhood when he was learning Mime. Physical acting requires many types of physical activity.

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